LPD Podcast - "Inside the Squad"

In 2017, under the direction of Chief Flannelly, the Community Outreach and Crime Prevention Unit created a podcast, a digital audio series available for download by the Lafayette community.  Hosted by Lt. Brian Gossard and Lt. Scott Galloway, the podcast is recorded at the Matchbox co-working studio and released on the first Monday of every month.  The podcast, entitled “Inside the Squad”, details the men, women, and mission of the Lafayette Police Department.  Topics vary from episode to episode, but always aim to be informative and insightful into what the Lafayette Police Department is trying to accomplish concerning public safety in the greater-Lafayette area.

Listeners and followers of “Inside the Squad” have the ability to interact with the program by emailing comments and questions to podcast@lafayette.in.gov.  Interacting with citizens has always been an integral component of the work of the Community Outreach and Crime Prevention Unit.  People interested in listening to the podcast can find it in several locations, including SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, and the LPD website.