Commercial Projects

The Engineering Department has implemented a regular presubmittal meeting to provide assistance at any phase of development prior to plan review submittal.  Presubmittal meetings are required in many cases primarily for non-residential projects that involve site and/or utility construction but they are also appropriate for due diligence, site feasibility investigations and other general planning purposes.  Please email our office to determine if a presubmittal meeting should be done for your research or project.

All commercial projects require the following to be submitted:

  1. Pre-submittal meetings are required for all non-residential projects involving site and/or utility construction. 
  2. Site Plan ( new structures and additions ONLY )  
  3. Building Permit Application*
  4. Two (2) sets of plans
    • One set must be electronic
    • One set must be hard copy (full size)
  5. List of Contractors 
    • For license and insurance requirements click here
  6. Owners Authorization
    • The property owner must sign the application or complete the owner's authorization form
    • To check the listed owner of your property click here
*Depending on the project additional permit applications may be required. Click here to visit our Applications and Forms page. 

commercial project