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Road Closure Request Form

  1. Road/Street/Sidewalk Closure Request

    Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms and/or incomplete information will cause a delay in the processing of your request.

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  3. Please give a detailed description of the area(s) to be closed. Please be specific.

  4. PLEASE NOTE: If you need to cancel this request or change the dates you must contact our office at (765) 807-1031. Failure to do so could result in fines.

  5. This will be used to send a media notice to the public and emergency responders. Please provide us with a detailed description of: (1) how much of the affected area is going to be in/under construction or closed; and, (2) what equipment, signage, and flagmen, (if any) will be used in the right of way.

  6. Please attach a map showing the area(s) to be closed.

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