What are the fish painted on my storm drain?

This is the logo selected by the Tippecanoe Storm team to raise awareness that storm drain inlets discharge directly into local rivers and streams. A contest was held where area students (4th-12th grade and local college students) were invited to send in a drawing that represents the river, stormwater and/or protection as a theme. The winner was an interesting combination of all themes. The logo is composed of natural resources that need protection; a water droplet and a fish surrounded by waves of water. The logo will always be accompanied by the educational text "No Dumping - Drains to River."

The storm drain marking/stenciling program is a volunteer program. If your group is looking for community service activities, contact Don Emmert, the Tippecanoe County storm water educator to learn how to participate in the storm drain stenciling program.

No Dumping - Drains to River - Storm Drain Fish Lo

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4. What are the fish painted on my storm drain?
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