Crime Prevention Tip of the Month

  1. January - Internet Safety

    Find tip and tricks for online purchases, meeting people online, downloading, and reporting internet crime.

  2. February - Senior Crime Prevention

    Find out why seniors are targeted, about elder abuse, door-to-door sales tactics, and telemarketers.

  3. April - ATM Safety

    Read about potential security problems and tips for when using an ATM.

  4. May - Personal Safety

    View list of tips to keep you and your family safe when at home, work, in a vehicle, and way to reduce risk or being in harms way.

  5. June - Child Safety

    Review a list of items you and your family need to discuss when it comes to being safe at home and away from the house.

  6. July - Surviving the Heat

    View a list of signs that you are overheated, how to take precautions, and use common sense when it comes to rising temperatures.

  7. August - School Safety

    Look through school safety tips for students, parents, and schools officials.

  8. September - Emergency Preparedness

    Find out how to make a plan, build a kit for emergencies, and stay informed.

  9. October - Domestic Violence

    Learn how to recognize abuse, a list of signs of abuse, and how to create a safety plan.

  10. November - Winter Driving Safety

    Read about taking precautions while driving and what the difference is between an advisory, watch, and warning when it comes to winter weather.

  11. December - Holiday Shopping

    Before you start holiday shopping take a look at these helpful tips for while you are out shopping or online shopping.