Billing information

Avoiding a High Water Bill

To avoid a high water bill, first check to make certain that you don't have leaks. Even a leaky toilet can cause thousands of gallons of usage in a month. Next, be aware of how often you use water. It is surprising how much water can be used in taking those long showers and by washing a small amount of clothes. If you would like information regarding water conservation and how to check for leaks, please contact the Utility Billing Office. You can also read some helpful tips on our

Water Conservation Tips page


Summer Sewage Rates

During the summer months (June through September), the City of Lafayette recognizes that our residential customers use their water for outside activities, such as watering lawns and gardens. We reduce the amount of sewage charged to our residents for these watering purposes. 

Determining Summer Rates

The summer sewage rate is determined by the average amount of water used during the previous winter months of December, January, February and March. If you did not live at your current address during those winter months, you will be charged the sewer charges for 1/2 of metered water since no average can be determined.

Summer Rate Billing Cycles

These rates will be in effect from your July billing (June usage) through your October billing (September usage). At that time your rates will return to normal. 

Meter Reading System

The City of Lafayette is moving forward by installing meters by the Neptune Technology Group. These meters can be read a number of ways, are more accurate and some even have the capability of keeping a 90 day record of daily usage.  We are currently in the process of installing these meters throughout the city as part of a 5 year plan. 

More Information

If you have any questions, see Municipal Code 6.05.100